Dear Exhibitors!

The judge list of the Budapest Grand Prix - President Cup CACIB show series is ready.

On this event, the 2023 European Winner titles will be issued to the 10 breeds, that cannot participate in the EDS in Denmark.
These breeds are marked in bold red in the list, and will be judged at the CACIB show on Saturday.
The junior best in show and best in show will be judged separately ror these 10 breeds on the saturday's Best in Show program.
On Friday will be a complete all-breeds Budapest Grand Prix CACIB show, on Saturday will take part the FCI 1-2-3 breed groups on the President Cup CACIB show, and finally on Sunday will be judged the breeds of the other FCI groups.
Several breed clubs will organize club shows on Friday and Saturday, like the Karakán Club, which will organize a special show for the 10 EDS breeds.
You can find the judge list here:
Online entry:

We wish everyone a successful exhibition and a meaningful weekend.